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August 2020


Mr. Crosby visits the most renowned hotel in all of Mexico in hopes to discredit its fame. What he discovers may change his life forever…

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September 2019

The Traveler

It just showed up one day and stood tall in the northern plains; unmoving for nearly a year. That is, until the seventeen-foot thing was provoked by man…

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November 2018

The Mother’s Eye (and other curiosities) Paperback

Perhaps the best way to enjoy The Mother’s Eye is curled up, blanket around shoulders, coffee within reach, all while clutching the 108 page softcover first edition! Order a copy online and it will be shipped right to your house. Bonus points if you read it by light of a spooky fireplace.

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November 2018

The Mother’s Eye (and other curiosities) In Libraries

There are currently two copies in circulation at Siouxland Libraries!