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the definitive guide to self publishing

Greetings fellow and future independent authors!

Welcome to my 12 Part, all-encompassing series on how to self publish a novel that will leave your readers (and yourself) feeling great about spending time and money on your novel. Together we’ll go over where to begin, what tools you’ll need along the way, what to do once you’re done, and where to look next in your literary adventure.

Why am I doing this? Well, there are many reasons. First and foremost, I believe that an artist should always retain the rights to their hard work. I believe that literary agent “gate-keeping” needs to be re-worked for the modern era. I believe that too many self publishing “experts” act in bad faith by ultimately trying to sell vulnerable novices their eBooks, online courses, and webinars for any “real” information. (Seriously, NEVER pay for a webinar.) And, finally, I believe that the barrier to entry for self publishers is now so low, that anyone with a good story should at least give it the ol’ college try. Hey, if it doesn’t work out you can always query an agent down the road!

But I don’t need to tell you why you should self publish your novel. The fact that you’re reading this guide in the first place is a good indicator that you’ve already made up your mind. What you’re seeking are the nuts and bolts on how to self publish—from beginning to end.

As a result, I’ve done my darndest to craft an 12 Part guide that’s clear, concise, and straight forward about every step in the self publishing process. I also promise not to waste the first half of every entry just trying to sell you my own work. It’s 2021. You know how to use the internet. You can find out what C.C. Berke has written without me showing you the way.

If your manuscript is already finished, go ahead and skip to Part 2, though I think you may still find some stuff in Part 1 beneficial. Then, if you’ve found the Guide useful, consider downloading the “Self Publishing Checklist” I’ve created to help you keep track of your own progress. I’m more than happy to offer this download for free, but please consider tossing me a bone or two for the time it took to put this all together. 

Now, let’s begin the Definitive Guide To Self Publishing!