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Chris Berke

I'm an author (C.C. Berke) and web designer living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. During the day, I love making lean and mean websites that work for my clients and their customers. Any other time I'm prone to writing fiction that reflects the natural world as I experience it. My award-winning novel "Man, Kind" debuted in December of 2020 and I'm hard at work on the next one!

When I'm not writing or working, you can find me exploring the great outdoors with my wife Abby, hanging out with our cats Henry and Winston, or playing a little Destiny 2 on Steam (ccberke_author).

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I love running (especially on trails), I have a deep fondness for the Rocky Mountains, I'm an only child, I'm a lifelong car guy, I've done two amateur boxing matches (1-1), my godmother was a trailblazer for women's sports in South Dakota during the 60s and 70s, I love Milk Duds, Mad Max: Fury Road was the best movie of 2010-2020 (fight me), I have a Martin acoustic guitar that I am good at playing, though I don't play as much as I should, I am very concerned about the climate crisis and it bleeds heavily into my writing, I am lucky to have a wife that excels at gardening because it makes our yard a happy place for both humans and animals, I do like IPAs, but I don't like sours, I'm a proficient handyman, I'm obsessed with animal intelligence; especially birds, and my dream job is to be a full-time author so my wife and I can be goddamned hippies and live out of an Airstream camper that's pulled by an electric SUV.

Have you ever seen so much drip?
My favorite picture of me and Abby
Sioux Falls Skedaddle Half Marathon '19
Driving my 1981 VW Rabbit
Holding Winston (Thicc Boi)
Selfie with Henry post run
Trail run at Voyageur's National Park, MN
The moment before I published "Man, Kind"
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I'll be honest, I don't love social media. But I do make an effort to post interesting things and I will ALWAYS reply to someone reaching out through it. I use Instagram to share what I'm up to with writing, life, and work.