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Below you can browse the works I’ve published and find convenient links to add them to your library.

September 2019

The Traveler

I’ve released a FREE short story on my blog page in both .pdf and ePUB formats. If you enjoyed the weird stories in The Mother’s Eye, or just want to see what I’m all about before you give me money, then I think you’ll really dig The Traveler!
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November 2018

The Mother’s Eye (and other curiosities) Paperback

Perhaps the best way to enjoy The Mother’s Eye is curled up, blanket around shoulders, coffee within reach, all while clutching the 108 page softcover first edition! Order a copy online and it will be shipped right to your house. Bonus points if you read it by light of a spooky fireplace.
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November 2018

The Mother’s Eye (and other curiosities) eBook

At the airport? Forgot the book you were going to read during your vacation at home? Did you just check your watch and realize you don’t have enough time to grab it even though you know it’s sitting right there on the dinner table? Never fear, The Mother’s Eye is available in electronic format! Download the eBook on Amazon and you’ll even save a few bucks over the paperback.
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November 2018

The Mother’s Eye (and other curiosities) In Stores

You can hop down to your favorite bookstore in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and scoop up a copy today! Currently on shelves at Zandbroz Variety, Full Circle Book Co-op, Last Stop CD Shop (Both Locations), and Kaladis Bistro.