Chris’s Tips | #01

Slicing Apples

Most people use their teeth. Others use a knife. But some members of the elite, like myself, go out and invest their hard earned cash towards a designated apple slicer.

Once this incredible piece of produce engineering is in your hands, gone are the days of sticky fingers, unequal partitions, or biting into that hard bit near the apple’s core. What a relief!

That is, until you set your freshly picked apple (Red Delicious, preferably) on your plate, line up the patterned blades, press down, and the piece of fruit betrays you by tilting off course. Ugh! Now you have eight slices, two of them housing seed and two that are barely slivers. Can life get any worse? The answer is no.

But I’ve found a solution. Have you ever noticed that while the bottom of an apple is typically uneven, the top side is usually level as a lake? It’s simple, really, because thus is the nature of growing with gravity. So next time you want to enjoy eight perfectly identical slices, twist of that stem, flip that bad boy over, and slice from the bottom up. While you’re scooping up your first glob of peanut butter, you’ll thank me.

*Note* Don’t waste any of the apple. Toss the stem and core outside for nature to enjoy!

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